Thursday, March 29, 2007

Where do we bring our bikes?

Rode by bike today form Whistler to Pemberton and back. it was a beautiful day, warm weather, the white capped peaks all around and a real joy to be on a bike. When I got home, there were 4 messages from people asking where they can drop their bikes off. The calls came form every corner of Canada and the states. This year many groups are organizing bike collections in their own communities and as yet, we still do not know all the dates.

we do know that Vernon, B.C and Brampton , Ontario are scheduled for May, as are collections in Manchester, UK. ThunderBay , Ontario is June and Kelowna B.C. is planning on a fall collection. Vancouver Island, Ottawa and San Antonio Texas are just beginning ot think about collections and no dates are set as of yet.

What is interesting and exciting are the number of people coming forward and wanting to organize and send containers of bikes to Africa. If you are interested in organizing a conrtainer, help out or join our team, please email,



Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Spring is just around the corner

For those of us living in the north, the snow is beginning to melt and many of us are pulling the old bikes out and getting ready to ride again. This year we are hoping to send 5 containers of bikes or BEC's to Namibia and one to Uganda this summer. Many communities are organizing bike collections and we at Bicycles for Humanity are doing all we can do support these groups. Organizing a BEC is fun for those involved here and very rewarding, knowing that each and every old bike will help greatly in Africa. We are encouraging groups, clubs, schools and individuals to get invovled, organize and send bikes ot Africa.

This year, B4H will provide every group interested on organizing a BEC, with all the posters, cards and limited edition prints they will need for ther fundraisinfg efforts, more at

In addition, for those containers of bikes destined to support Aids workers and empowering women, B4H will donate $1000 towards your efforts. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at,