Thursday, October 16, 2008

Update October 16

Just a quick update on some of the things going on within B4H. The last few months, I have been observing and watching and not pushing anyone. B4H is a movement and as such it needs to find it's own path and direction in life. What I learned in the few months away, is that there is an incredibly talented and enthusiastic team of people everywhere and so much good going on that it is simply, mind blowing and so wonderful.

Bicycles for Humanity direction.

Steve Klassen in Thunderbay , has been moving towards us organizing a board to give B4H direction and to begin to address, what is important to all. Steve will be asking for anyone who wants to be a part of this new steering committee. So far, Steve, Steve Jennings, Michael Linke and I have come forward to volunteer, but it is open to all. Please contact Steve Klassen if you are interested.


I learned a lot about teamwork here and how important it is to be a team player. I pushed us entering Uganda and and it was wrong and the plug has been pulled on trying to move B4h to Uganda this year. In the future, if all agree, we may enter other countries, but for now we are supporting Namibia where there is so much to do and where Michael and his team have done an incredible job. It is the skill set Michael and his team that will help us find a direction on where to expand in Africa, and that will come in time, but for this year and next, we are supporting Namibia and we will let the new steering committee decide where to go next.

At the chapter level, there is so much going on, hope I don't miss anything. I'll start from current and work backwards.


Seb and the team have just completed a container and Seb, Sandra and their husbands are off to Namibia. Last week the CBC interviewed Seb and Sandra and Seb just told me, the CBC team from Sough Africa is coming up to do a special on B4H and the work of Michael and BEN.


Josh and the team from Colorado just returned from Namibia. Got a brief update from Michael, sounds like it was a terrific trip, Josh, keen to see pictures and to hear more about the trip.


Al called last night and asked if I could come to a fundraising dinner in Saskatoon on the 26th of this month. I would have loved to, but I'm in the Utah, on a bit of a holiday. I will participate by phone, but what the team there has done, well, mind blowing and it shows the power of B4H in a community. it looks like they have 2 containers ready to go and their special evening, dinner, bring a bike has sold over 500 tickets. Al, Cliff, Dee, Dee, can't wait to get to Saskatoon and meet everyone.


The container that left in the spring is now in Tsumeb, Kelly, when you get pictures, please update the site.


Guelph is getting close, down to raising a few more dollars and it is ready to go.