Monday, December 24, 2007

Seasons Greeting from the B4H Team

On behalf of all of the Bicycles for Humanity family globally, we
wish each and everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy
Hanukkah and all the best for 2008. 2007 was an amazing year,
containers were sent to Namibia from Thunder Bay, Brampton, Cambridge,
Ottawa and Manchester, UK. During 2007 new B4H Chapters were
organized in Denver, Guelph, Edmonton, Boston and Melbourne Australia.

Michael Linke and the team at BEN, Bicycle Empowerment Network did an
incredible job organizing and distributing the containers or BEC's,
Bicycle Empowerment Centres to many communities in Namibia and the
impact on Aids education, drug delivery and hospice care meant that
the average care giver could visit and help 4 to 5 times as many

In Uganda, a rural health program in the Community of Kigezi will
receive 2 BEC's this year thanks to the efforts of Joseph Agoada and
the corporate support of MTN, the leading cellular company in Uganda.
Kelly and the team in Whistler are loading a container now to be sent
to Tsumeb where they visited in 2007 and the home of the first
container shipped by the students in Vancouver. This year Scott and
the students of Rockcreek will be organizing another BEC to be sent
to Namibia.

2008 is shaping up to be an exciting year with a lot of
interesting programs. CAA, Catholic Action Aids, as
a grassroots organization did more to change the face of fighting
Aids than almost any group globally. In 2007 we provided this
organization with 2 containers of bikes and in 2008 they could
desperately use 10 containers alone for their aids efforts. Early
next year, we will be approaching all Catholic church's, schools and
Knights of Columbus groups across North America to help B4H chapters
and many other terrific bike collection groups in North America
make this happen.

This initiative coupled with the Kigezi initiative in Uganda will
have established a model for rural health care and the value of a
bicycle in bringing about change. If you are interested in helping
out or you know of a group that might be interested in supporting
the efforts of the global, Bicycles for Humanity team, please have
them contact one of our team members in your contact area, listed on
our website.

Thanks again to everyone that helped in 2007 and all the best this
Christmas, Hanukkah season.

Humanity Rocks

The Bicycles for Humanity Team

Monday, November 5, 2007

Wow, what a year

in one year make a difference in helping fight Aids and Poverty in Africa. Together with Michael Linke and BEN , Bicycle Empowerment Network, we achieved that goal and in so doing created 7 strong and very active B4H Chapters. All who came together, collected the bikes, raised the monies and helped make the world just a bit better should be very proud of their efforts. 2 weeks ago, the last container for this year left from Cambridge, Ontario, making the number for the year 8, with many more in the works for next year.

I'm so proud of all that everyone has accomplished and I hope that everyone stays with the program for next year. Exciting projects are developing in Uganda and it is my wish that things continue to grow in Namibia and in other countries in Africa. For me, well, it's time to take a rest and think about what I want to do and goals for 2008.

I encourage each and every B4H chapter, all involved and the groups in Africa who are putting the bikes to good use to think about their goals and dreams for next year as well. Grassroots is exactly that, no individual or group has the power, no individual or group has the say and no individual or group can make decisions for the other groups. This allows each group the freedom and creativity to do exactly what they want and to support what they feel is important.

Bicycles for Humanity is a vehicle that if it helps get more bikes to those in need no matter who's project it is or where it is in africa, it has served it's purpose

My dream is that Bicycles for Humanity continue to be an enabler and to help get more bikes to Africa to support health care workers, students and families that are in dire need of mobility. Thanks again to all who gave so much, your efforts and the ripple effect of these actions will last forever and it is my dream that all will find their way in 2008 and find projects worthy of your support.

Thanks, Humanity Rocks


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Ottawa collection was a huge success

Last Saturday, September 29th, Seb, Sandra and the team in Ottawa held their first bike collection and it was a huge success. All day long bikes trickled in and by 3pm, the container was full, the doors closed and time to celebrate an incredible achievement. Seb, Sandra on behalf of all of us in the Bicycles for Humanity Family globally, we thank you and I know the people of Namibia will be greatly appreciative in a few months.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Where have all the BEC's gone

It’s September, the children are back to school and things are picking up again for B4H. Bikes were sent to Namibia, bikes are being collected, fundraising initiatives are underway in many communities and thought I would take a moment and share with everyone some of the things going on.

The Humanity Painting

We are continually getting inquiries about the “Humanity Prints” by Liz Woodside. The original acrylic painting of "Bicycles for Humanity" (40" X 66") was moved August 21 / 2007 from where it was hanging at Kelowna's Rotary Centre for the Arts to the Kelowna Art Gallery, where it will be in a show (August 31 - November 11 2007) displaying work of artist who teach art classes at the gallery. Liz Woodside has been teaching water colour and calligraphy classes there for the past 3 years.


This Friday, September 14th in Ottawa, Seb, Sandra and the team are organizing a Humanity Rocks Concert, please pass this email on to all of your friends in the Ottawa area, it will be a terrific event and all monies go towards sending the Ottawa BEC to Namibia, details can be found at


Bob, Bronwyn and the team in Cambridge have done a terrific job pulling together a B4H team and the collection of bikes will be at Southwood School, October 19th and 20th.


The container has arrived, fundraising is underway and all is underway for a mid October collection. Kelly and the team have done an outstanding job, fundraising is never easy, but they like Bob, Seb and all the other members of the B4H family are having fun, being very creative and making it happen

Thunder Bay and St Bartholomews

Earlier this year, Steve and the great team in Thunder Bay and Rev. Maureen, Terry and the team at St Barts collected 5 containers of bikes. They have been shipped, many have arrived in Namibia and Michael and the team at BEN have been working long hours to organize and move the BEC’s to their homes.


I received an email from Michael this morning and it got me thinking. Everyone here in North America and the UK are working hard to raise the funds, collect the bikes and get them moving to Namibia. Michael and Clarisse are expecting their first child this month and with all that is going on, they continue to train and move bikes to their new homes to help many in communities across Namibia. The small acts of kindness shown by all in every community here will have a long lasting impact on many globally.

A brief run down of what has happened and is happening.

The first BEC’s shipped were delivered to Windhoek and the village of Okathitu in Northern Namibia, run by Anglican HIV/AIDS home based care group.

The BEC collected by Scott, Phil and the students of Rockcreek and Rockridge Schools was delivered to the town of Tsumeb, run by TOV, orphan and vulnerable children support group. The Whistler BEC is going to the same community. Kelly and 10 members of our community visited Tsumeb in may of this year.

The Thunder Bay first BEC is in Windhoek, where Michael and BEN are trying to fund two projects to get them to Katima Mulilo and one to get them to HIV/AIDS home based care volunteers with the Mapilelo project.

St Barts BEC 1: in Windhoek. To be delivered to TKMOAMS a HIV/AIDS home based care organisation with 700 volunteers across 3 northern regions. Small business/project management training starts next week, and mechanic training the week after.

St Barts BEC 2: Arrives Windhoek around 17 Sept. To be delivered to the Disability Economic Empowerment Project (DEEP), a group of people with disabilities who will be providing bikes to volunteers providing bikes to home based care volunteers. Small business/project management training starts next week, and mechanic training the week after.

St Barts BEC 3: Arrives Windhoek around 17 Sept. To be delivered to
Family Hope Sanctuary, a children's support group that builds the
capacity of extended families to care for orphans and vulnerable
children, runs a kindergarten, after school support, food garden and feeding program. Two training programs are currently under way inWindhoek for this group: one in bicycle mechanics and one in small business/project management (stock control, marketing, book keeping etc).

Rotary Bramhall/Woodford (David Dewhurst) will be shipping their
container in November, and it will be delivered to the village of
Okalongo, to be run by volunteers from Catholic Aids Action.

The Cambridge BEC will be loaded later this year and delivered to Lifeline Childline in the town of Ondangwa. This group trains volunteer counsellors who support orphans and adults in coming to terms with the effects of HIV/AIDS, and encourages people to have HIV tests.

The Ottawa BEC will be delivered to House of Love for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Rundu.

I know this is a very long update and I apologize, but I thought I would take a moment and share this with everyone. The efforts of all in every community will forever change the lives of many in Namibia and hopefully soon other African Countries. It’s a simple old bike, but mobility is one of the keys to a better life and to help with healthcare.

Humanity, Rocks


"A bicycle is the best tool for fighting aids and poverty in Africa"

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sept 9. 2007 Update

Hi All

It's been a hectic summer and I'm finally back in Whistler. things are going very well at Bicycles for Humanity. Our grassroots initiative is gaining traction and growing globally. Many people and individuals are very interested, primarily due to the high degree of accountability here and in Africa.

This fall is very busy with Ottawa, Cambridge and Whistler organizing collection in late September and early October. Please support these initiatives.



Sunday, June 24, 2007

Need help in Kelowna

Last year, with the help of many of you, we organized and send 3 containers of bikes to Africa. Since that time, Bicycles for Humanity has encouraged and worked with many individuals and groups across Canada start B4H Chapters, partner with communities in Africa and send bikes. Groups are now in place in Vancouver, Thunder Bay, Brampton, Ottawa and Cambridge and many more communities are exploring establishing grassroots groups.

All of this started in Kelowna and we hope that it continues this year. My role in working with groups and the partners in Africa has become a full time job it leaves me no time to organize a bike collection in Kelowna. I'm keen to help, there are a lot of people who want to volunteer and donate bikes, but the responsibility for fundraising and organizing volunteers is more than I can handle right now and I need help. If any individual, group or church is interested in organizing a B4H chapter or in helping raise the funds needed, to send a container, about $7500, please let me know. I cannot manage it on my own this year, with all that is going on. It is my hope that we have a bike collection in Kelowna this summer, but without help and someone to organize and take the lead, it will be hard to make it happen.

Thanks to all who supported it last year, we have $850 already raised towards Kelowna and a further $1500 from Rotary when my home in Whistler is rented this summer, leaving us about $5,000 short and no team in place to push it over the top. if you or anyone you knows feel that this is a use full project in Kelowna, please let me know

Thanks, Humanity Rocks


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bicycles for Humanity, June 20 Update


Well the Humanity Rocks Rotary bike ride from Whister to Ottawa is finally over. It was a very hard ride with a lot of headwinds and rain, but well worth it. Hopefully a few more people know about Bicycles for Humanity and what we as a global team are trying to accomplish. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who followed the online journal and for their emails of support. I wanted to quit a number of times, but the encouragement and the thought of meeting the terrific teams in Thunder Bay, Brampton, Ottawa and Cambridge kept me going.

To Steve, Seb, Sandra, Maureen, Terry, Bob and Brenda and their volunteer teams, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done organizing and sending bikes from your communities to Africa. Meeting your teams and the spirit and the excitement within them was, Wow, inspiring, thanks to all so much.

The team in Thunder Bay collected 2 BEC's, Bicycle Empowerment Centres, (about 380 bikes per BEC) destined for Namibia and Zambia. St. Bartholomeus in Brampton collected 3 BEC's for Namibia and Ottawa on September 29th will be collecting a BEC for Namibia and Cambridge is in the process of finalizing their plans. In the west we will be organizing a BEC in Vancouver in the fall destined for Uganda.

The impact of empowerment through mobility for health care workers and women is life changing and everyone understand the power of a bicycle. it is our hope that more communities here will partner with African communities to help the people of Africa with their fight against Aids and a better life for their families.

Thanks again to all for the incredible achievements, riding was easy compared to what each and every one of you have done to make the world a better place for all.

Humanity Rocks


"A bicycle is the best tool for fighting aids and poverty in Africa"

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Bicycle ride across the country is over

It took 28 days of riding, but I finally made it from Whistler, B.C., to Ottawa, Ontario. This ride was a tough one, a lot of wind and rain, but very satisfying and a great way to meet all the terrific teams who organized and sent bicycles to Africa. All I can say is wow, the team in Thunder Bay are just finishing up collecting 2 containers of bikes and they are having a lot of fun doing it. In a few hours, I will be going to Brampton to meet the incredible team at ST. BARTHOLOMEW’S who organized and collected 3 containers of bikes. Last week in Ottawa and in Cambridge, I met with Seb, Bob and their teams and the excitement is moving. I know, it's just an old bike, why all the excitement, but it is much more than that, it's Grassroots Humanity in action and it's growing. Organizing and collecting bikes here is fun, but when you kcombine the efforts of the teams here with a partner community in Africa and they can communicate with their new partners, and help them directly and together make a difference, well, it takes it all to another dimension. Globally there is a massive outpouring of love and support to help those less fortunate than ourselves and a real excitement to share and care. Yes, it's a bike, but it's more, helping an entire community gain mobility and a chance for a better life and being able to work directly with the members of that community and follow up and travel there, has caught the interest of many and we hope this excitement to help others grows.

Thanks, Humanity Rocks


Monday, May 28, 2007

Looking forward to Thunder Bay

I can't wait until Thursday and a chance ot meet with the incredible team in Thunder Bay, who have been collecting, fixing and fundraising to send a BEC to Northern Namibia. Steve and the team there have done an incredible job and I can't wait to get there. I've altered my route and now plan on travelling through Duluth and heading across the Upper Penninsula of Michigan, crossing into Ontarion at Sault. St. Marie.

Steve will be meeting me in Duluth Thursday afternoon and I'll be returning to Duluth on Saturday morning. @ days off the bike, what a treat


Stuck in Stanley, North Dakota

I've been on the road cycling for 2 weeks now and have had a lot of time to think and reflext on all the terrific work done by the various B4H groups across the country. it's truly inspiring to see what the teams in Thunder Bay and in Brampton at St, Barts church. I know Seb and Sandra in ottawa are having fun and Bob and the group in Cambridge are planning a number of fundraising events.

What is interesting is that each group is adding their own spin on it and all have the same purpose, that of providing mobility for health workers, women and familes in Africa. Together, with tools, parts and training, these BEC's, Bicycle Empowerment Centres are becoming community resources and mobility centres.

Habitat for Humanity builds houses for those that need shelter, Bicycles for Humanity, build mobility centres to help empower people on their path to a better life.

If yu are interested in starting a B4H chapter in your community or in volunteering and helping us spread the word, please let me know. i can be reached at



Friday, April 27, 2007

Where do I begin

Normally I would write about the need for bikes in Africa and how to get more bike there. maybe it's a few glass's of wine, maybe it's relaxing at the end of a hard week, but wow, wow. Grassroots initiatives are hard, but also very rewarding, the buauty of this is, never known, never knowing what is going to happen, what surprises and what people will do.

Well, people are simply amazing and there is no end to the good one individual can do. I am in awe of what Steve and the terrific group of people in Thunder Bay have done in such a short time and the fun they are having. Seb and Sandra in Ottawa are exploring many paths and like Steve, i and many others will find their path and start thier own journey. In Namibia, Michael and Clarisse are starting on a journey together into marriage.

The wow comes from how rich my life has become as a result of meeting all of these terrific people and sharing their journey. Living in Kelowna or Whistler tends to make out lives smaller, but with a global community fo friends that together we share a common interest in humanity and taking small steps to help, well, wow is the only word I can think of.

Humanity does Rock


Monday, April 23, 2007

We need Help

The need for bicycles to assist caregivers who are working and supporting those with Aids in Africa is huge. We are trying to send 4 containers to Namibia this year and hopefully develop a template that will scale to other countries and communities globally. We like all small grassroots groups need your help in telling others about what we do. If you believe that a bicycle makes a difference and mobility is important, please add the domain under the signature on all of your emails. Thanks, Pat

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spring and time to ride across the country

Well, the snow is almost gone and it's time to go for a bike ride, a long ride. Whistler, British Columbia to Bar Harbour, Maine. The purpose of this ride is 3 fold, to bring attention ot the need for bicycles in Africa, to visit Rotary clubs and encourage them to get invovled and lastly, to hopefully help raise some funds to help cover the cost of shipping containers to Africa.

Details of the ride can be found at behind the like, Whistler Rotary, Humanity Rocks Ride.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Where do we bring our bikes?

Rode by bike today form Whistler to Pemberton and back. it was a beautiful day, warm weather, the white capped peaks all around and a real joy to be on a bike. When I got home, there were 4 messages from people asking where they can drop their bikes off. The calls came form every corner of Canada and the states. This year many groups are organizing bike collections in their own communities and as yet, we still do not know all the dates.

we do know that Vernon, B.C and Brampton , Ontario are scheduled for May, as are collections in Manchester, UK. ThunderBay , Ontario is June and Kelowna B.C. is planning on a fall collection. Vancouver Island, Ottawa and San Antonio Texas are just beginning ot think about collections and no dates are set as of yet.

What is interesting and exciting are the number of people coming forward and wanting to organize and send containers of bikes to Africa. If you are interested in organizing a conrtainer, help out or join our team, please email,



Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Spring is just around the corner

For those of us living in the north, the snow is beginning to melt and many of us are pulling the old bikes out and getting ready to ride again. This year we are hoping to send 5 containers of bikes or BEC's to Namibia and one to Uganda this summer. Many communities are organizing bike collections and we at Bicycles for Humanity are doing all we can do support these groups. Organizing a BEC is fun for those involved here and very rewarding, knowing that each and every old bike will help greatly in Africa. We are encouraging groups, clubs, schools and individuals to get invovled, organize and send bikes ot Africa.

This year, B4H will provide every group interested on organizing a BEC, with all the posters, cards and limited edition prints they will need for ther fundraisinfg efforts, more at

In addition, for those containers of bikes destined to support Aids workers and empowering women, B4H will donate $1000 towards your efforts. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at,



Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Where do we go from here

For the past week, I've been pedaling a bicycle from San Antonio, Texas to Florida. I'm writing this from St. Francisville, Louisiana. Pedaling a bike every day for 10 hours allows a person a lot of itme to think and ponder life. Last year was busy, this year it's shaping up to be busier for B4H. The model of a community here organizing a BEC and adapting a community in Africa is taking hold and there are so many incridible things happenning. thunderbay just sent a large number of bikes to Rownda with medical suppliers and is planning a container to Zambia. A group in Brampton is doing the ground work in preperation for sending a BEC. We're busy planning a BEC to be sent form the kelowna/Vernon area and another one form Vancouver.

thunderbay has adapted the B4H model and established thier own B4H group. We're delighted that they have done this and we encourage other communities, civic clubs, schools and church's to do the same. Once the idea takes route in a community it's amazing to see how it unfolds and what a community is capable of. I'm biking along , answering email at night in total amazement and awe at what is taing place. In 4 communities can do it, a hundred can and a hundred transportation centres in Africa will, simply change the way things are done and forever it will be different and better.

What is really exciting is to see how a community comes together, hs a focus and each in their own way acting and making the dream come true. Humanity does rock and watching all these small grassroots groups take action, well, it's simply delightful.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Wow a New Year

The past month has been very hectic, new web site, a lot of great ideas being discussed and trying to make plans for this year on where to send bikes. The model of sending a container of bikes along with tools and spare parts has turned out to be something that everyone understands and it simply just makes sense.

On the website we have identified 5 projects, 4 in Namibia and one in Uganda that are in desperate need of a BEC. In anyone would like to partner with one of these programs or participate with others, please let us know.

Secondly, the terrific people of ThunderBay, Ontario have decided to start their own Bicycles for Humanity chapter or group and in 2 short weeks will be sending bikes to Rowanda along with medicaal supplies, more on this behind the ThunderBay link.

What is really exciting is that schools, clubs and communities globally are getting invovled and sending bikes to Africa. Groups are forming with Rotary being a key partner in London, England, Sydney Australia and other communities are entertaining setting up initiatives.

This year, it is our goal to send at least 6 BEC's to Africa and we need help on all fronts, if you are interested in helping out or starting an initiative in your community, please let us know. If you know of anyone who migfht be interested in helping or in need of bikes, please forward the link to our website to them.