Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Where do we go from here

For the past week, I've been pedaling a bicycle from San Antonio, Texas to Florida. I'm writing this from St. Francisville, Louisiana. Pedaling a bike every day for 10 hours allows a person a lot of itme to think and ponder life. Last year was busy, this year it's shaping up to be busier for B4H. The model of a community here organizing a BEC and adapting a community in Africa is taking hold and there are so many incridible things happenning. thunderbay just sent a large number of bikes to Rownda with medical suppliers and is planning a container to Zambia. A group in Brampton is doing the ground work in preperation for sending a BEC. We're busy planning a BEC to be sent form the kelowna/Vernon area and another one form Vancouver.

thunderbay has adapted the B4H model and established thier own B4H group. We're delighted that they have done this and we encourage other communities, civic clubs, schools and church's to do the same. Once the idea takes route in a community it's amazing to see how it unfolds and what a community is capable of. I'm biking along , answering email at night in total amazement and awe at what is taing place. In 4 communities can do it, a hundred can and a hundred transportation centres in Africa will, simply change the way things are done and forever it will be different and better.

What is really exciting is to see how a community comes together, hs a focus and each in their own way acting and making the dream come true. Humanity does rock and watching all these small grassroots groups take action, well, it's simply delightful.

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