Tuesday, May 6, 2008

That Special Feeling

It's been 2 weeks since I last wrote anything on our blog, but a lot has happened in that time. Colorado sent their first container to Namibia The grade 5 class of Scott Slater, last week collected a container of bikes, loaded them and with the help of Norco delivered an incredible amount of spare parts to Namibia in addition to bikes. This week, Kelowna and whistler will load containers. It's funny, but for me every day is an adventure and I would not trade one minute of the journey for anything. I am simply blown away by the spirit and energy of hundreds within the B4H family and every day, I'm inspired more and humbled by what so many do. Seb in Ottawa and her team with new partnerships, Steve and the team in Thunder Bay and their efforts with students, Tom, north of Edmonton taking on an incredible challenge in a rural area and making a go of it. I can go on and on, but the character of an organization is defined by it's people and what they believe and their enthusiasm to help others a world away in Namibia and soon Uganda.

Being grassroots has it's issue's , but they are small in comparison to the energies and enthusiasm that is released by people who care and care for others. Not being a registered non profit, we sometimes struggle for finding partners to help with tax receipting, but this only makes us stronger and leads to further creativity and partnering for the good of all. I'm not sure what we are, maybe a movement, certainly a caring global group who is focused on helping many in Africa. Whatever it is, it is magic and it is infectious and it sure keeps me going to try harder.

At times it is very emotional and touch to keep going, but when I see what so many have done, and are doing, I'm simply blown away and in awe. Maybe I'm old, maybe I'm rambling on and a bit crazy, but there is a feeling one gets when one is around something special and I thought I would just take a moment and thank everyone for all they have done and for giving us all a chance to feel something special.

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