Friday, April 27, 2007

Where do I begin

Normally I would write about the need for bikes in Africa and how to get more bike there. maybe it's a few glass's of wine, maybe it's relaxing at the end of a hard week, but wow, wow. Grassroots initiatives are hard, but also very rewarding, the buauty of this is, never known, never knowing what is going to happen, what surprises and what people will do.

Well, people are simply amazing and there is no end to the good one individual can do. I am in awe of what Steve and the terrific group of people in Thunder Bay have done in such a short time and the fun they are having. Seb and Sandra in Ottawa are exploring many paths and like Steve, i and many others will find their path and start thier own journey. In Namibia, Michael and Clarisse are starting on a journey together into marriage.

The wow comes from how rich my life has become as a result of meeting all of these terrific people and sharing their journey. Living in Kelowna or Whistler tends to make out lives smaller, but with a global community fo friends that together we share a common interest in humanity and taking small steps to help, well, wow is the only word I can think of.

Humanity does Rock


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