Monday, May 28, 2007

Stuck in Stanley, North Dakota

I've been on the road cycling for 2 weeks now and have had a lot of time to think and reflext on all the terrific work done by the various B4H groups across the country. it's truly inspiring to see what the teams in Thunder Bay and in Brampton at St, Barts church. I know Seb and Sandra in ottawa are having fun and Bob and the group in Cambridge are planning a number of fundraising events.

What is interesting is that each group is adding their own spin on it and all have the same purpose, that of providing mobility for health workers, women and familes in Africa. Together, with tools, parts and training, these BEC's, Bicycle Empowerment Centres are becoming community resources and mobility centres.

Habitat for Humanity builds houses for those that need shelter, Bicycles for Humanity, build mobility centres to help empower people on their path to a better life.

If yu are interested in starting a B4H chapter in your community or in volunteering and helping us spread the word, please let me know. i can be reached at



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