Monday, November 5, 2007

Wow, what a year

in one year make a difference in helping fight Aids and Poverty in Africa. Together with Michael Linke and BEN , Bicycle Empowerment Network, we achieved that goal and in so doing created 7 strong and very active B4H Chapters. All who came together, collected the bikes, raised the monies and helped make the world just a bit better should be very proud of their efforts. 2 weeks ago, the last container for this year left from Cambridge, Ontario, making the number for the year 8, with many more in the works for next year.

I'm so proud of all that everyone has accomplished and I hope that everyone stays with the program for next year. Exciting projects are developing in Uganda and it is my wish that things continue to grow in Namibia and in other countries in Africa. For me, well, it's time to take a rest and think about what I want to do and goals for 2008.

I encourage each and every B4H chapter, all involved and the groups in Africa who are putting the bikes to good use to think about their goals and dreams for next year as well. Grassroots is exactly that, no individual or group has the power, no individual or group has the say and no individual or group can make decisions for the other groups. This allows each group the freedom and creativity to do exactly what they want and to support what they feel is important.

Bicycles for Humanity is a vehicle that if it helps get more bikes to those in need no matter who's project it is or where it is in africa, it has served it's purpose

My dream is that Bicycles for Humanity continue to be an enabler and to help get more bikes to Africa to support health care workers, students and families that are in dire need of mobility. Thanks again to all who gave so much, your efforts and the ripple effect of these actions will last forever and it is my dream that all will find their way in 2008 and find projects worthy of your support.

Thanks, Humanity Rocks


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