Monday, December 24, 2007

Seasons Greeting from the B4H Team

On behalf of all of the Bicycles for Humanity family globally, we
wish each and everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy
Hanukkah and all the best for 2008. 2007 was an amazing year,
containers were sent to Namibia from Thunder Bay, Brampton, Cambridge,
Ottawa and Manchester, UK. During 2007 new B4H Chapters were
organized in Denver, Guelph, Edmonton, Boston and Melbourne Australia.

Michael Linke and the team at BEN, Bicycle Empowerment Network did an
incredible job organizing and distributing the containers or BEC's,
Bicycle Empowerment Centres to many communities in Namibia and the
impact on Aids education, drug delivery and hospice care meant that
the average care giver could visit and help 4 to 5 times as many

In Uganda, a rural health program in the Community of Kigezi will
receive 2 BEC's this year thanks to the efforts of Joseph Agoada and
the corporate support of MTN, the leading cellular company in Uganda.
Kelly and the team in Whistler are loading a container now to be sent
to Tsumeb where they visited in 2007 and the home of the first
container shipped by the students in Vancouver. This year Scott and
the students of Rockcreek will be organizing another BEC to be sent
to Namibia.

2008 is shaping up to be an exciting year with a lot of
interesting programs. CAA, Catholic Action Aids, as
a grassroots organization did more to change the face of fighting
Aids than almost any group globally. In 2007 we provided this
organization with 2 containers of bikes and in 2008 they could
desperately use 10 containers alone for their aids efforts. Early
next year, we will be approaching all Catholic church's, schools and
Knights of Columbus groups across North America to help B4H chapters
and many other terrific bike collection groups in North America
make this happen.

This initiative coupled with the Kigezi initiative in Uganda will
have established a model for rural health care and the value of a
bicycle in bringing about change. If you are interested in helping
out or you know of a group that might be interested in supporting
the efforts of the global, Bicycles for Humanity team, please have
them contact one of our team members in your contact area, listed on
our website.

Thanks again to everyone that helped in 2007 and all the best this
Christmas, Hanukkah season.

Humanity Rocks

The Bicycles for Humanity Team

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