Saturday, January 17, 2009

From all within the Bicycles for Humanity Movement, Thank You

In life, it is so rare to be able to see an idea take root, grow and flourish that helps literally thousands and thousands of people every day. To all who have supported Bicycles for Humanity and the people of Namibia with the gift of mobility, everyone within the B4H movement thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Bicycle Empowerment Centres, BEC's are now in place across much of Namibia with many more being added this year. In total over 12 containers of bicycles were delivered in 2008 and in 2009 our hope is that this number will double. In addition to Namibia our dream is to build a Bicycle Empowerment Network in Uganda and from there to other countries in desperate need of mobility.

Bicycles for Humanity is an entrepreneurial, grassroots driven model with accountability and humanity as the foundation. It is not a non profit, it has no staff or overhead of any kind and it never ever will, yet it just keeps growing. It is simply an efficient model of caring, entrepreneurial minded people here and in Africa working together. In today's connected Web 2.0 world, individuals and communities can come together globally to work as a team to help solve the problems caused by a lack of mobility.

What Inspires You is simply what Bicycles for Humanity is about and inspiration in action, inspires others. A donated bicycle or helmet, a volunteer helping load a container, teaching students about the need for mobility in Africa, sharing stories with others to help others , visiting BEC programs in Namibia or just dreaming of what is possible all contribute to the movement and to helping those in need tell their story.

We encourage you to visit our site, , we encourage you to tell others of the movement here and in Africa and if you know groups in Africa in need of the gift of mobility, we encourage you to start a Bicycles for Humanity Chapter and support those communities.

We have one focus, mobility through the use of a bike.
We have one objective, to help the people of Africa help themselves.
We believe that all of us working together can make a difference.

From all within the global Bicycles for Humanity Movement, we thank you.

Humanity Rocks

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