Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Bicycle ride across the country is over

It took 28 days of riding, but I finally made it from Whistler, B.C., to Ottawa, Ontario. This ride was a tough one, a lot of wind and rain, but very satisfying and a great way to meet all the terrific teams who organized and sent bicycles to Africa. All I can say is wow, the team in Thunder Bay are just finishing up collecting 2 containers of bikes and they are having a lot of fun doing it. In a few hours, I will be going to Brampton to meet the incredible team at ST. BARTHOLOMEW’S who organized and collected 3 containers of bikes. Last week in Ottawa and in Cambridge, I met with Seb, Bob and their teams and the excitement is moving. I know, it's just an old bike, why all the excitement, but it is much more than that, it's Grassroots Humanity in action and it's growing. Organizing and collecting bikes here is fun, but when you kcombine the efforts of the teams here with a partner community in Africa and they can communicate with their new partners, and help them directly and together make a difference, well, it takes it all to another dimension. Globally there is a massive outpouring of love and support to help those less fortunate than ourselves and a real excitement to share and care. Yes, it's a bike, but it's more, helping an entire community gain mobility and a chance for a better life and being able to work directly with the members of that community and follow up and travel there, has caught the interest of many and we hope this excitement to help others grows.

Thanks, Humanity Rocks


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